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ISOtrikot速-Lycra - horizontal and vertical stretch

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Product no.: ISOtrikot
Manufacturer: N辰hen und Basteln
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Products description

Insulationg matte lycra
Horizontal and vertical stretch

ISOtrikot速 is an innovation in the field of jerseys.

Warmer when it's cold outside
Cooler when it's hot outside

It used high-tech equipment has been woven from hollow-fibre Lycra. In these fibres, there is a vacuum which keeps the body temperature inside - regardless of the outside temperature.
The healthy human body can easily keep its temperature, unless extreme external stimuli, such as icy cold or terrible heat is applied.
Therefore, we put on warmer clothes in a cold environment, so that the body heat cannot escape. Under certain circumstances, such as for example sports, thick clothing is however annoying, unsightly and you often begin to sweat. When sweating you take off the thick clothes, and then you run the risk to catch a cold.
With ISOtrikot 速 there arent any of these problems:
It isolates by means of its fibre-vacuum and keeps the temperature from the inside constant like a vacuum flash, so that the organism does no longer waste so much unnecessary energy into the constant heating".

ISOtrikot速 is a Trademark which nobody is allowed to use for marketing or selling products of this fabric. Violations will be prosecuted.

ISOtrikot速 ist ein eingetragener Markenname, der weder gewerblich noch privat f端r Werbe- oder Verkaufszwecke ohne Genehmigung genutzt werden darf. Zuwiderhandlungen werden strafrechtlich verfolgt.

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